15 top Famous Places to visit in Goa
Goa is the most visited destination in India. The top 15 places to visit here include:

Anjuna flea market:
Anjuna flea marketThis is a flea market that takes place in the beach of Anjuna. Anjuna is a famous beach in Goa, and is visited by large numbers of people from different corners of the world. The tourists visiting this beach ensure that they do not miss out the opportunity to experience the joyful affairs that take place in the flea market every Wednesday. It is not only visited by the tourists, but locals also shop from this market, because it is simply a paradise for the shoppers. Wide varieties of items are available here, and thus, different kinds of items and foods can be purchased.

Fort Aquada:
aguada fort goaThis is one of the biggest forts in Goa, and is also visited by large numbers of people from different corners of the world. This fort was built by the Portuguese in order to save Goa from enemy attack. This is still a preserved fort and is also considered to be a historical landmark of Goa. It also offers a wonderful site for the military architects. People who visit this fort can get a panoramic view of the sea wonderfully, which is indeed quite impressive. This fort is situated in the Sinquerim Beach.

Dudhsagar Waterfall:
Dudhsagar WaterfallThis waterfall is also quite famous all over the world and is located almost about 60 km from Panaji. These waterfalls are one of the best sources of picturesque views, unrivalled beauty and amazing scenery that really impresses the tourists to a great extent. From a distance, the waterfall gives the appearance of milk, and this is one of the major reasons for the name. It is also one of the most ideal picnic spots for the locals and the tourists and thus are visited by large numbers of people.

The State Museum Of Goa:
Anyone interested in the history of Goa should definitely visit this museum. Apart from possessing historical significance, it also bears a great cultural legacy. It is open from Monday to Friday, and therefore, it can easily be accessed by many people. There are various items contained in this museum ranging from the inscription of copper plates to the wooden statues of Christian saints. In addition to that, the sculptures of bronze stone and wood dating back to Indus Valley Civilization can also be found here. Therefore, it is a must visit for everyone in Goa.

Boca De Vaca Spring:
boca de vaca spring goaThis spring is situated very next to the Mahalaxmi Temple and is one of the two major springs that exists in Panaji. A structure was built by the Portuguese surrounding the spring and it glows with soft and decorative lights, especially in the evening. This us from where it derives its name. It generally means face of the cow. There is a well lit tunnel through the floor, and is made of transparent glass. The spring water can be visible through the transparent glass and water flows right through the feet. This in turn, can give an amazing experience altogether.

Maya Lake:
Maya LakeTourists are well aware of the fact that Goa is mainly renowned and reputed for large numbers of water bodies that are present here. There are many beaches, rivers and lakes, among which Maya Lake is also one of them. If you ever visit Goa, you should not miss out the opportunity to visit this lake. This lake is basically situated in Mayem in North Goa. It not only offers a scenic and spectacular view, but in addition to that, it also serves as a popular point of picnic for the tourists. Boat rides are also available here.

Old Goa:
Old Goa CathedralOld Goa is not far situated from Panaji, but a visit is definitely essential because the charm and the grace of the bygone era are largely retained here. Some of the most reputed churches and basilica are located here and these are visited by large numbers of people not only for religious purposes, but also for architectural views. In the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the remains of St Francis are kept. There are many other monuments and forts found in this part of Goa, which definitely poses a very important and amazing factor.

Chorao Island:
This island is situated 5 km from Panaji. This was one of the first islands to be captured by the Portuguese. It is a quaint place that is generally comprised of churches and old villas. It is a mystery for many visitors and there is a thick mangrove forest situated beyond the forest. It is one of the largest of all the 17 islands that are located in Goa, and is currently an important place to visit in Goa. Transportation and communication to this island is quite well developed and thus, it will not at all be difficult to reach this island.

Madei Wildlife Sanctuary:
mhadei wildlife sanctuary goaThis is a wildlife sanctuary that is situated in the northern part of Goa in Sattari takula. It is basically a link between the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary and the Sawantwadi forest. There are wide varieties of wildlife that is available in this sanctuary, and therefore, tourists can experience the var4ieties of species of wildlife. Often, it is also considered to be a paradise for bird lovers, because large numbers of birds can be seen here. However, this area has been strictly protected for wildlife. It is also known for the tigress.

Spice Plantations:
Spice Plantations goaThe spice plantations in Goa are quite well known and are located in the Ponda region. It is also one of the most renowned places for tourist attraction. These plantations make use of organic methods, and there are some amazing aromatic spices that are grown here. Wide varieties of spices are grown here and these are also sold in the market. In fact, some of the rarest species of spices are available here for growth. This in turn, not only attracts the tourists but also the local people to a great extent.

Patto Bridge:
Patto Bridge goaThis is also a historical monument that has been built by the Portuguese. This is a small bridge located in the capital city of Goa. It is basically the extension of the causeway, and is about 3.2 kms long. In fact, this is one of the longest bridges in South Asia and therefore, it is also a major point of tourist attraction. In addition to that, it is also the oldest of all the causeways, and is one of the major links for Panaji with Ribander Village. It is also a fine piece of architecture that is worth the visit.

The Azad Maidan:
The Azad Maidan - GoaIt is a small piece of ground in Panaji and is dedicated to a former freedom fighter of Goa. Close to this ground, there is a monument and this is dedicated to the freedom fighters that liberated Goa from the rules of the Portuguese. On the western part of the ground there is also a square representing a long broad building, and there is a police headquarter behind this. The combination of all these things together largely contributes to the popularity of this place as a wonderful tourist place. Therefore, if you ever visit Goa, you should not miss out the opportunity to visit this maidan.

Wax World Museum:
wax world museum goaIndia’s second museum is located in Old Goa, and it is a very renowned and popular tourist spot. There are figures carved in wax, and each of these figures are sculpted out of paraffin wax. However, the hair in the figure is completely natural, but the teeth and the eyes are artificial. There are about 30 different statues of different personalities representing the heritage, culture and religion of India. The sculpture of ‘last supper’ is beautifully depicted here and therefore, it is visited by large numbers of people from different corners of the world.

Panjim - GoaThis is one of the major gateways of Goa, and if you are in Goa, this is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit. There are red roof houses, and these are indeed quite impressive. There are also quite impressive modern buildings and these are surrounded by beautiful statues as well as gardens. Therefore, you would really love to visit this place when you are in Goa. It is well connected with parallel bridges. Though the magnificent Mandovi Bridge has been built now, yet this historical bridge also deserves attention in every way.

Rivona Caves:
These caves are also known as Pandava Caves and these caves are generally situated in the Rivona Village that is located in the southern part of Goa. It is located almost at a distance of 5 km from the north eastern part of Ponda. History says that these caves were dug by the Buddhist Monks around 6th or7th century. The caves are quite popular and these are also visited by large numbers of people from different corners of the world. However, they are also fairly unknown, and therefore, many tourists often lose their directions. However, it is well connected by roads.