This beach lies adjacent to the Calangute beac and these beaches together are considered to be truly the most renowned and popular beaches in Goa. Baga is a small fishing beach covered with shady palms that lies very close to the sea. Often, it is considered to be the extension of the Calangute Beach. It is flat and a lonely beach, and is often less crowded. Therefore, it is completely safe for swimming in the sea. The sands of the beach are completely white and clear, and therefore, one can easily lie in the beach to enjoy the calm and serene water of the sea.

This beach can offer one of the best options to the tourist to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and other sea beaches. It is so beautiful that it often looks like a painting. The white waves are majestic and when they touch the feet, they provide a complete source of serenity. Though the beach is quite small yet it is mainly famous because of the two of its cousin beaches- Anjuna on one side and Calangute on the other. This is one of the finest beaches to enjoy some relaxing and quite moments.

Since this is mainly a fishing beach, different types of fishes are caught and they are also cooked with wonderful ingredients to form the local famous cuisines of Goa. Even tourists from different corners of the world try to get a big catch from the beach. This is a wonderful beach to spend time with friends, family and children, and therefore, it remains one of the best beaches. There is also a wonderful sun village that can be visited easily by the tourists coming to this beach. Therefore, you should also never miss out this opportunity.