This is a small beach, but is still undiscovered, and therefore a clean beach that you should also try to visit in Goa. This beach is basically located in a shaded spot right before the mouth of Zuari River. The entrance to the beach is missing and this is mainly because of the lack of proper development in this beach. This beach is actually located in between the Medical College of Goa and the University of Goa. Since this is not yet a developed beach, it is not visited by many tourists. However, in the recent days, some tourist activities are being continued in this beach for which it has started attracting the attention of many.

There is a single road that goes to the beach and people trying to visit this beach can easily follow the way of the road. There is also a calm resort located here, so that it can give opportunity to the tourists to enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday. If you are lucky enough to visit this beach, you will be able to find mother of pearl and plenty of other sea shells that are possibly not found in any other beaches of Goa. This is mainly because of the fact that this beach is not yet visited by many tourists.

If you are interested in shell collection, you can consider this beach as your paradise. In addition to that, you will also find thick groves of coconut that mainly lines the beach, and thereby it provides a wonderful opportunity to experience privacy and shade. Since this beautiful beach is quiet and cosy, it can also serve to be the perfect destination for picnics. There is also a restaurant in the Bambolim Beach restaurant, and you can avail the opportunity to enjoy wonderful lunch and dinner in this restaurant.