The Palolem Beach is a popular and reputed beach in Goa, and it is left unspoiled. This is no doubt a wonderful beach for the tourist, but apart from that, fishermen also reside in this beach. There are shacks along the lines of the shore, while at the same time, there are also many small and tiny villages that are generally inhabited by the fishermen. This is a very small beach, which is hardly about one mile long, and the shape is almost like a crescent. One can easily see the entire beach from any of the ends.

Even few years back, this beach was considered to be a virgin beach. Fishing activities in this beach was popular since a long time, and in the recent days, fishing trips and dolphin cruises have become extremely popular. Today, it is considered to be a paradise beach. There is a small island located at the northern end of the beach and this island is located in the middle of a stream of freshwater. Since the area of the beach and the island is small, it can easily be reached by swimming especially during low tides.

However, both the ends of the beach are completely rocky where the waves of the sea crash into the hard rocks. There is a gradual increase in the depth of the sea. This in turn, offers plenty of safe opportunities to the swimmers to swim in the serene and calm waters of the sea. One can also relax and laze by lying in the beach with a bottle of beer and sea food. The fresh catch of the fishermen are indeed delicious that anyone can simply enjoy. There are many resorts and bamboo huts in these beaches, but it is very essential to book the places of accommodation in advance.