This beach is completely white and clean, and this is one of the biggest reasons for which it offers a calm and serene atmosphere. This beach is also located very close to the Fort of Aguada, which is a 17th century fort built by the Portuguese. A long walk can e taken among the edges of the beach and this beach extends and joins the Candolim beach to even the northern part of Baga. Since this beach is located only 13 km from Panaji, it will not be difficult to access this beach because there are plenty of activities and opportunities for the tourists here.

Some of the common activities that are promoted in this beach include skiing, sailing, para gliding, scuba diving, fishing and even windsufing. In fact, this beach is considered to be the first tourist beach in Goa, and is still a famous and reputed destination in North Goa today. As you visit some of the famous beaches of Goa like Calangute, Baga and Candolim, you should also not afford the opportunity to miss out visiting this beach.

Moreover, apart from other water activities, swimming can also be carried out safely in this beach. You can be assured that accommodation will never be a problem for you when you are in this beach because there are large numbers of beautiful hotels, resorts and guest houses in and around the beach. In addition to that, there are also some wonderful and well known restaurants located in the beach that are famous mainly for offering tasty dishes and drinks.

Transportation to this beach is also not difficult because you can avail taxis, buses and bikes from Panaji to reach this beach. However, make sure that when you are in Goa, you do not forget to visit this beach.