Most Renowned Churches In Goa

It is a well known fact that Goa and its culture and religion are highly influenced by the Portuguese. This is the reason why there are large numbers of churches that are found in this state. Here is a list of some of the most popular churches:

Se Cathedral Church:
Se Cathedral Church GoaIt was the Portuguese that built the Se Cathedral Church. Viceroy Redondo built this church in order to display the richness of power, wealth as well as the fame of the Portuguese during that era. The Portuguese dominated Goa for almost 450 years, and in order to establish their dominance, they built this church. This is the largest church in Goa today, and therefore, it is visited by large numbers of people. The church took almost about 80 long years to get built and was consecrated after 1640. Both the interior and the exterior of the church is beautifully decorated.

Chapel of St Catherine:
Chapel of St Catherine - GoaThis is a famous church that is located in Old Goa, but is still visited by large numbers of tourists from different parts of the world. This church is mainly dedicated to St. Catherine. It basically serves as a living monument because of the conquest of Goa by the Alburquerque. The interior of the church along with the architectural style that is displayed through the church is indeed wonderful. On one of the entrances of the chapel there is a statue of our lady, while on the other entrance, there is also a beautiful altar that is dedicated to St. Catherine, and on this altar stands another statue of the Lady of Piety.

Church and convent of St. Monica:
Church and convent of St. Monica old GoaThis church and convent was initially considered to be a Royal Monastery and it was sanctioned in 1598. It was erected with the help of Archbishop Dom FrieAlexio de Menezes. In fact, history says that this is the first nunnery that was built in the east, and currently apart from a church, it also houses an educational institute that is also visited by large numbers of people from different corners of the world. The Theological Center is established here now.

Church of St. Francis:
Church of St. Francis - GoaThe Church is located in Panaji and it is a convent of St. Francis of Assisi. It was in 1521 that the church was built which gives an indication to that fact that church is pretty old. Irrespective of this, the church is considered to be quite holy. In fact, it is situated in the same compound as that Se Cathedral. While the church was built, it was dedicated to the Holy Ghost in the year 1602. Initially, it was built as a chapel, but later it was converted into a church and consecrated to the Holy Spirit.

St.Cajetan Church:
St.Cajetan Church -GoaThis is also a renowned church in Old Goa. The beautiful words of Christ are inscribed in the church, and this is the one of the popular reasons for which large numbers of tourists visit this place. There are large numbers of altars in the church and each of these altars is dedicated to the Holy Family along with the Lady of Piety. On the right side of the church lies the altar of St. Agnes, St. John and St. Cajetan. If you ever make a visit to Goa, you should also ensure that you never miss out the opportunity to visit this church.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus:
Basilica Of Bom Jesus - GoaThis is one of the most popular and most famous churches in Old Goa, and therefore, it is visited by large numbers of tourists that visit Old Goa. The relic of St Francis Xavier, who was the Apostle of the Indies and the patron saint of Goa, is contained here. There is a long history associated with this church. It is considered to be the first church that has been elevated to the status of the basilica in a minor form in the year 1946. The church comprises of a three storey structure that is a combination of Corinthian, Doric and Composite style which displays rich architectural style from the exterior.

Church of St. Augustine:
Church of St. Augustine - GoaThis is a church that was built in the year 1602 on the only ruins of St. Augustine. It is located on the holy hill at Old Goa right near the Nunnery. It is a 46 metre high tower that is known to defy the torrential rains. This tower is one of the four major churches located in Goa. Initially, when the church was built, there were almost about four altars, and beautifully adorned eight chapels in this church. In addition to that, there was also a convent and artistic columns located close to the church. It was due to intense neglect that led to the partial collapse of the building.

Our Lady Of The Rosary Church:
This is also one of the oldest churches in Goa and is located on the Holy Hill with wonderful views of the Mandovi River and Divar Island. This church is built in the location where Alfonso and his troops visited for victory. The church was initially built for the Franciscans, and during those days it was held in great respect not only by the local preachers, but also by the other visitors. It was in this church that St Francis used to teach the public every evening. The churches often resemble the look of a fort because it has openings on the wall. The design is also quite simple and yet attractive.

Our Lady Of The Mount Church:
It was in 1557 that this church was built by Alfonso de Albuquerque following his victory over the Muslim ruler in Goa, Yusuf Shah. This church became quite famous when it was built and it faces the western side. This in turn, offers a wonderful view of Old Goa. The artillery of the Sultan Adi Shah in Goa is wonderfully visible from this church. This artillery was placed to guard the city from the attacks of the Portuguese. There are many people who still visit this church for worship today.