Goa, the tiniest state of Goa can offer you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best holidays in your life. Though Goa is currently famous mainly for its long stretches of sands and beaches, yet it is also the culture of Goa that deserves special mention. In fact, Goa Culture is more than 450 years old, and formerly it was a Portuguese territory. This is the reason why it is often considered to be as ‘The Rome of the East.” The culture of Goa is indeed unique and this is mainly because of the fact that the residents here still maintain the legacy left behind by the Portuguese.
After 40 years of the departure of the Portuguese, Goa can be considered to be the most westernized state of India, but irrespective of that, the rich culture possessed by it is indeed valuable not only to the residents here, but also to the tourists that visit Goa from different corners of the world. There is a common civil code, and this civil code implies that all religions are equal, and there is no preference for a particular culture. This Goa Culture is probably not found anywhere else. Apart from that, equal status is also affirmed to both the sexes in every matter.

The Rich Cultural Heritage:
The rich heritage of Goa Culture is mainly reflected through the folk songs, dances, music, folk tales, visual arts and many more. In fact, music is considered to be one of the basic foods for the Goans. This is the reason for which the carnivals of Goa are so famous and are witnessed by large numbers of people from different corners of the world. In fact, the carnivals are generally the major reflections of the sweet taste of the culture of Goa, and this carnival festival is annually held in Goa. In fact, it is also the most awaited festival in Goa.

Music And Dance:
Culture Of GoaWhen it comes to music and dance, the Goans are indeed quite talented, and they make use of every occasion to pull the strings of guitar. In fact, music is completely the blend of the east and the west, while traditional forms of music are also quite prevalent. Apart from that, dance is also a rich art form that reflects the true culture and spirit of Goa. In any case, it largely reflects the influence of the Portuguese to a great extent.
The nightlife in Goa is also a part of Goa Culture, and thus the tourists that travel to Goa generally enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. In fact, Goa offers one of the finest environments for a pleasant nightlife with family and friends. It is considered that more or less every home in Goa comprises of bars, which also reflects the rich taste of the culture of Goa. In fact, people in different areas of Goa are in different shades which also reflect a lot about the cultural ethics of Goa. One would feel the rich culture of Goa as soon as they arrive here.