Enjoy The Delicacy Of Goa – Cuisine When In Goa
Goan – Cuisine is very popular all over the world, and highly in demand. In fact, Goans are highly emotional about their drinks, but at the same time, they are also more emotional about their foods. The foods that are available here are tangy, spicy and of course non-vegetarian. Sea food is definitely one of the most common options available here, while apart from that, rice, coconut milk spines comprise of the major ingredients of the cuisines of Goa. There is a wonderful combination of Hindu, Christian, and Portuguese influence that makes up the major cuisines of Goa.

Influence Of The Cuisine:
In fact, the cuisine of Goa is highly influenced by the colonialism of Goa. The four hundred years of colonial rule is one of the major reasons for which the cuisines of Goa have been derived from Portugal to a great extent. However, in the recent days, it is not only the influence of Portugal that is present in the Goa – Cuisine but in addition to that; there is also a blend of several other cuisines that largely contribute to the popularity and the richness of the cuisines here. Apart from that, over the years the techniques of recipes have also changed while keeping the basic ingredients still the same.

Goan CuisineThe Portuguese adopted many new recipes after coming to Goa. They also introduced the use of several plants and roots to be used in the foods. Several spices were also brought by them into the state from where Goa adopted the richness of its cuisines that makes it so highly popular. Potato is also used by many people as a major ingredient in the Goa – Cuisine today. Several new recipes also contributed to the change in the lifestyle of the local residents of Goa to a great extent.

Some Of The Common Cuisines:
The local Goa – Cuisine is highly in demand by the locals as well as the tourists. If you ever make a plan to visit Goa, there are some cuisines that you should not afford to miss out at any cost.

• Sorpotel is basically a delicacy with pork as a major ingredient. It is very spicy and is considered to be very famous cuisine of Goa.

• Ambotik is also a sour curry that is made either with meat or fish.

• Sol Kadi is a spicy and sour coconut dish mixed with fruit with a typical flavour. It is generally eaten cold.

• Xacuti is basically a curry that is made with different kinds of meat combined with grated coconut that is roasted and is mixed with wide varieties of species.

• Goan curry is generally accompanied by the traditional steamed rice. This curry can be made with any sea fish or prawn and generally has a sour taste with a spicy flavour. Traditionally, it is made fiery hot.

• Fenny is a local drink that also deserves mention in the list of Goa – Cuisine. It is made either with coconut or with cashew apple juice and it is deceptive.