Goa is known all over the world for its different water bodies. Ranging from sea beaches, lakes and rivers, there are some many water bodies that form the major tourist attraction in Goa. Some are listed below:

Mayem Lake:
This lake is situated almost at a distance of 35 km from Panaji, and is an artificial lake in the northern part of Goa. In the recent days, this lake is becoming famous as a tourist attraction, and apart from the local residents, it is also visited by the tourists from different corners of the world. The lake offers a beautiful view of the green hills, which completely surrounds the lake. In fact, it has also become famous as a picnic spot for the local residents. Accommodation is not at all a problem near this lake, because there are lots of cottages and huts that are situated around the lake.

Maya Lake, GoaThere are many important sightseeing activities carried out in and around this lake, among which boat ride is one of them. Apart from this, some of the other popular points from this lake include Vithal Mandir, Aravlem waterfalls, Loke Datta mandir, Sree Saptakoteswar Temple etc. Thus, this lake provides a great source of recreation for many local residents and tourists out of their busy life. Beautiful migratory birds often visit this area, which also offers a wonderful and panoramic view of the region.

Curtorim Lake:
Like the other famous lakes in Goa, this is also quite a popular lake that is situated in the southern part of Goa. This lake is visited by large numbers of tourists, and in the recent days, the tourists ensure that when they are in Goa, they definitely visit this lake. The main reason for which this lake is visited by large numbers of people is mainly because of the beautiful views offered by the lake. In addition to that, the area is also inhabited by large numbers of migratory birds at different times of the year.

Curtorim Lake - GoaTherefore, if you ever get the opportunity to visit Goa, one of the most important things that you should always remember is visiting this lake, which also offers a scenic and natural view. In such a case, monsoon is the ideal option to take a look at the migratory birds. Thus, if you are a bird lover, you should definitely visit this lake. Moreover, you should also enjoy a boat ride in this lake. The lake is entirely clean, and it is a successful tourist destination. Large numbers of tourists visit this lake throughout the year.

Carambolim Lake:
This is an artificial and manmade lake situated in Goa. The main intension of this lake was to suit the purpose of irrigation, but it is largely visited by many tourists. Monsoon rain is one of the major sources of water for this lake. Locally, this lake is known as Karmali, and is situated approximately 2 kms ito the south eastern part of Old Goa. This lake offers an exciting attraction for the tourists and the bird lovers, because large numbers of migratory birds visit this region.

Carambolim Lake goaSome of the common migratory birds that are seen here include egrets, waterfowls, moorhens, herons, jacanas, coots, shovelers, pintails, garganeys and many more. If you ever visit Goa, you will simply be amazed to find such amazing varieties of birds here, which is possibly not found anywhere else. In addition to getting a wonderful scenic view, the tourists can also get the opportunity to see the paddy fields, because of the farming activities. This area is also covered by trees and woodlands, which makes the place completely picturesque. This lake is situated very close to the station of Karmali, and therefore, can easily be visited by walking from the station. Tourists in Goa must definitely not miss out this spot.