There are large numbers of historical monuments in Goa. These are listed below:

Viceroy’s Arch:
This is an important monument that is located at a little distance from the modern jetty. In fact, it is a monument made of black stone and it captures the attention of large numbers of visitors from different corners of the world. It was mainly built as a memorial of centennial in order to commemorate the discovery of the sea route by Vasco-da-Gama. This monument was built under the orders of the grandson of Vasco-da-Gama. He was the then Governor, Francisco da Gama. Initially it was designed with the intension of serving different political purposes, but now it has also become an important tourist spot.

Viceroy's Arch GoaWhile the monument was built, it was mainly designed as a triumphal arch, and it was also designed and decorated quite beautifully on the occasion of the entry of every new viceroy in Goa. There is an inscription in the right side of the monument, and this inscription is largely related to the emancipation of the Portuguese from the domain of the Spanish. At the top of the arch, there is also a statue of Vasco-da-Gama, and behind that there is a statue of the Argonaut.

Gate Of The Fortress Of Adil Shah:
This is also quite a renowned and popular tourist spot as a monument in Goa. The entire monument is built in black stone, and generally comprises of a lintel that is carried on the moulded pillars. In addition to that, if you visit this monument, you will also find the remains of the perforated stone screens. It is also this reason for which this monument has become so popular in today’s date. People from different corners of the world make it a point that they definitely visit this monument.

The monument is completely situated in low plinth and the form and the style depicted in it is completely Hindu. It shows that it was probably built by Sabaji, who was the Hindu ruler of Goa right before the conquest of Goa by the Muslim rulers in 1471. It was in 1920 that the palace was completely demolished, and was occupied by the sultans of Bijapur. If you ever come to Goa, you must make it a point not to miss out these old remains of the palace and the monument to get an idea of the partial history of Goa