This is a museum that was set by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1964, and is now visited by large numbers of tourists and local people who possesses an interest in art. It is located in the church of St.Francis of Assisi, which is at a distance of 9kms from Panaji. The museum wonderfully reflects the golden age of Goa when it was still under the rule of the Portuguese. Thus, when you visit this museum, you will be easily transformed to this golden era.

Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery - GoaThe rich and rare collection of different things in this gallery is worth the visit. In fact, the collection of artifacts, portraits and maps that you will find in this gallery is simply awesome, and this is one of the major reasons for which it has become an important point of tourist interest. There are also some prominent displays in the museum that represent the stone tools of upper Paleolithic age, and even few Neolithic Celts. You will also find the excavated materials from copper coins, chandnor, rings and copper nails dating back to even 3rd century BC. Thus, you should definitely make it a point to visit this museum.