This is basically an art gallery and a centre of Handicrafts, and here you will find some of the best handicrafts since the time of the ancestral Goa. Therefore, if you ever visit Goa, you must ensure that you visit this museum to get an idea of the ancestral history of Goa. In fact, this art gallery was mainly opened with an aim to promote artisanhip in different forms. This art gallery is also considered to be one of the major platforms for the artists of the state as well as the nation

Big Foot Art Gallery LoutelimLarge numbers of shows are organized by the gallery, and these shows generally last for three days. Apart from that, it also serves as a centre of exhibition of the art works that have been produced at the campus of the artists. There are exhibitions of the art works of children and often drawing competitions are held. Thus, if you come here, you will definitely love it. Craftsmanship in different artefacts is also displayed wonderfully in this art gallery, which can easily be accessed by large numbers of people in different ways.