This is a living museum of Goa that largely depicts the life of the Goans since centuries and ages. In fact, a tourist mainly visits this museum, because he can find the heart and soul of Goa in this museum. This museum is spread across acres in the Candolim beach in Goa, which is definitely a versatile treasure for the lover of artefacts. In fact, the rich contents of this museum cannot be described in simple words because it is a completely different kind of museum in the world.

Candolim is the nerve center of Goa, and since the museum is situated here, it is definitely visited by large numbers of tourists who are interested to know more about the people and the culture of Goa. The museum contains some of the finest collections of the old and the new traditions, architectural influences and beliefs that is indeed a veritable treasure for artefacts and antiques. There are two colonial museums at the entrance of the museum and these are examples of an intelligent conservation of the emergence of the past history of Goa to that of present situations. Thus, you should definitely visit this museum when you are in Goa.