This is the most wonderful tourist destination in Goa because some of the amazing museums and art galleries are located here. These museums are located by the side of the beach, so that the tourists can not only enjoy the beach, but they can also take a look at the tranquil museums in order to acquire more information on Goa. These museums comprise of some of the rarest antiques as well as treasures from the past. Tourists who are in pursuit of literature also get attracted to these museums. You will also find a central library in the institute.

The library also possesses some of the rarest collections of books. Apart from the rich and rarest contents of the museum, the entrance of the museum is decorated quite beautifully and lavishly. With a close and careful visit, the mythological story of the conquests of the Portuguese in Goa is also beautifully depicted. Some European and Goan paintings are also contained in this gallery which are indeed invaluable. Stone carvings are also a part of the contents of this gallery, which is definitely a must watch for every tourist. Thus, you will simply be surprised with the wide varieties of collection that you will find here.