This museum is located in Old Goa, and is a rare museum that is available in Asia. The cultural heritage of Goa is largely reflected through this museum. This is a fabulous museum that is now relocated within the convent of Santa Monica. Some of the best specimens of exclusive crafted art forms are preserved in this museum. Crafted church art is also a rare collection that you will find here. Artifact is also an exclusive collection of artifact and also a Pelican monstrance, which is largely based on the legends of the times of famine.

Museum Of Christian ArtThis is a museum that is definitely a must watch for all the lovers of art, and the collection that you will find in this museum is completely unparalleled with the collection of any other museum. Some of the finest craft archetypes of the churches adorning in Goa is also available. You will also find a spectacular collection of some of the best gold coins, roasaries, precious stones and even ivory images. In fact, each and everything in the museum is worth mention, and therefore, a visit is must to this museum.