This is a market place which is located in and around the Calangute beach in Goa. This beach is visited by large numbers of tourists, and therefore, they get an opportunity to buy wide varieties of things from this market. This is a wonderful shopping destination for the tourists, because the beach itself is very beautiful with long stretches of sand and shady palm trees. There are large numbers of shops lined on the streets of Calangute. These shops are found selling wide varieties of different items that are not only purchased by the locals, but also by the tourists.

Some of the common items that are found in the shops of this market include traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, leather items, jewellery, clothes, metal crafts. These items are not only made in Goa, but crafts from the different corners of the world are sold here. In addition to that, there are also large numbers of food stalls and restaurants that sell sea food and other mouth watering delicious cuisines. There are also hawkers selling sarongs, or fortune tellers sitting on the beaches and waiting the read the fortunes of the tourists.