Goa is also well known for some of the best boutiques, and therefore, if you are interested in buying handmade items, you should walk away straight to North Goa, where you will find large numbers of boutiques. This is also a stylish and luxurious boutique that is not only visited by the local people, but this boutique also remains crowded with tourists and foreigners. Some of the luxurious and comfortable fashion items are available in this market, and some of the most renowned celebrities also visit this boutique in large numbers, and therefore, you should also not be an exception in this case.

Some of the common items that are found here include silk drapes, local artwork, restored furniture, printed cartoons and also large numbers of antiques. This boutique is situated on the main road of Calangute and therefore, when you are in Goa in Calangute Beach, you should not afford to miss out this boutique. You will indeed be impressed with the wide varieties of collections that you will find here. In the recent days, several boutiques have come up in the same location, but the popularity of this boutique still remains the same. Thus, make sure that you definitely visit this boutique.