Mapusa is a small town that is located at a distance of about 13 kms from Panaji, and it is considered to be the major shopping hub in North Goa. This market is popular among the local people as well as the tourists since a long time. However, the Friday market is the most popular market that has been attracting tourists since a long time. The customers of Goa prefer to buy wide varieties of items from this market. Fresh foodstuffs are available in this market, and locally produced vegetables and fish available in this market.

Mapusa Market goaIn fact, this market is mostly renowned for wide varieties of food stuffs as well as local drinks. The items that are available here are generally sold at reasonable rates, and this is the reason why it is also a point of attraction for the tourists, as well. Some of the other items that are available here include junk jewellery, clothing items and many more that simply excites the tourists to shop from here. Thus, if you ever get the opportunity to visit this market, you should also not miss out shopping at any cost. It can give you a wonderful experience, as a whole.