Baga is an extension of Calangute Beach, and it is also visited by large numbers of tourists. There is a beautiful market that sits by the beach, and is more popularly known as Saturday night market beach. This market is also quite impressive, and is crowded with tourists that buy large numbers of items. Though this market is visited by many tourists, yet it is not as lively as the Flea market of Anjuna, and this is possibly because of the small area of the market. Some of the best sea foods and the local drink Feni are available here.

Saturday Market Of BagaIn fact, the market offers a wonderful source of time pass for the tourists that stay in and around this beach. They can indulge in different kinds of shopping at cheaper rates. The market looks awesome under the open sky of the night, and each of the shops are lit up with lamp. There are clothes, handicrafts, bric-a-brac, exotic delicacies and trinkets sold in different shops. In addition to that, the tourists can also enjoy funky haircuts, tarot reading, palmistry etc. There are also live bands here that add to the ambience of the market.