The Most Important Temples Of Goa
There are many temples in Goa, because there are many Hindus residing here. These are listed below:

Mangueshi Temple:
This is one of the most popularly visited temples in Goa, and is located in Priol, 22 km from Panaji. It is largely visited by people, because it is thelargest temple in Goa, which gives a sense of peace and serenity and enchantment. As the name implies, this temple has been set up in dedication of Lord Mangueshi, who is considered to be the incarnation of lord Shiva. In fact, many temples in Goa are dedicated to him. Since he is treated as an incarnation of lord Shiva, he is also worshipped like Shiva.

On a daily basis, many pujas are carried out and visitors from different parts come here to worship the Lord and give their rich offerings. Some common rituals are also being performed every day. During Mondays, a weekly festival is held and the idol of the Lord is taken out on a procession. This procession is accompanied by music and aarti. Some annual festivals also take place in this temple, and visitors generally try to visit the temple on Monday, except when there are some festivals going on like Ramanavami, Magha Shukla Saptami etc.

Saptakoteshwar Temple:
This temple is located in Narve, and the site of the temple is considered to be the 6th best for the temples of Lord Shiva. Thus, Lord Shiva is mainly worshipped in this temple, and the temple is visited by large numbers of local people who come here for worship on a daily basis. Apart from that, there are also many tourists that visit this temple in order to offer their prayers and worship to Lord Shiva. Apart from worship, it is also the architectural style of the temple that deserves special mention.

The architectural style of the temple largely resembles to that of the Moghul art and architecture. However, some parts of the temple has also been designed in European style, and there are different parts in the temple that resemble different architectural styles. Since this temple is located in a village, tourists often visit this temple because of the interesting route. A ride in a ferryboat is required from the island Divar to reach this village and visit this temple. Some of the deities of the temple are also carved of stone which of course offers a wonderful view of the temple, as a whole.

Shanta Durga Temple:
The complex of this temple is quite large and spacious, and is located at the foothill of Kavalem Village. The deity was installed in a small laterite shrine, and later this shrine was converted into a temple that is visited by large numbers of worshippers and tourists. As the name implies, this temple is mainly dedicated to Shanta Durga, the Goddess that mediates between Shiva and Vishnu. She is considered to be the saviour of the people of Goa, and establish peace and serenity by bringing an end to the forces of evil.

The original temple that was built was destroyed by the Portuguese, and later by the efforts of the local people, the temple was re-built once again. This temple was made during the reign of Maratha, and since then the temple has remained untouched, and there are large numbers of worshippers that visit this temple whenever they come to Goa. The complex of the temple is located on the slope of the foothills on the chains of a mountain. The entire complex is surrounded by lush vegetation, and therefore, it offers a wonderful panoramic and scenic view to the worshippers and tourists that visit here.

Kamakshi Temple:
This is a temple that is largely dedicated to Kamakshi Goddess, and she is considered to be the embodiment of motherhood. This temple is situated quite close to Kavalem, and there is a rich history associated with this temple. Apart from the shrine of Goddess Kamakshi, there is many other shrines that is located in the same complex of the temple. Some of these shrines include Shree Rayeshwar, Shree Laxmi Narayana, and Shree Rayeshwar. There are large numbers of devotees that visit this temple because they consider it to be very holy. Tourists in Goa also ensure that they visit this temple.

Accommodation near this temple is not at all a problem because there are large numbers of guest houses that are located near this temple. The temple is also quite beautiful, and offers a wonderful view. The roof of the temple is designed in the shape of Pagoda, which resembles to that of the Buddhist style. Elephant statues are also seen in the corners of the temples kneeling round the corner of the temple. A small shrine is also located beside the shrine of Goddess Kamakshi, and this shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Some of the common festivals that are observed in this temple include Vadya Chaturdashi and Shukla Panchami.

Mahalaxmi Temple:
This is a temple that is located at the heart of Panaji, and the temple is dedicated to Shri Mahalaxmi. She is considered to the Hindu goddess of wealth, the idol of this temple bears a resemblance with that of the idol in the temple of Kolhapur. Though the main deity of the temple is Shri Mahalaxmi, yet the other deities residing in this temple include Shri Baleshwar, Shri Narayan, Shri Ravalnath, and Shri Narayan Purush. This temple is visited by large numbers of worshippers as well as tourists from different parts of India.

The architecture of this temple is worth watching. The deity is made with black stone, and she has four hands. These four hands are armed with a dagger, a club, a sickle and also a vessel that contains flowers and prasad. The entrance of the temple is slightly arched, and the entire building is slightly dome shaped. There are large numbers of festivals that are celebrated in this temple, and each of these festivals is mainly dedicated to the original deity. Ramnavami is also performed in honour of the deity of Colva.

Vithal Temple:
This is also quite a famous temple that is located in Goa and is visited by large numbers of people round the country. Lord Vithal is the main deity of this temple, and this deity is considered to be another form of Lord Krishna. The origin of the temple is very old, but even today there are large numbers of devotees that visit this temple. The architectural design of this temple is quite similar to that of North India. Since it is built on the banks of Valvanta River, it also offers a good view to the worshippers here.

The eye appealing chariot is also one of the major attractions of this temple. This chariot is crafted out of wood pieces, and this chariot depicts the chariot of Mahabharata. There are various festivals that are celebrated in this temple, and the splendour of festivity celebrated here is worth experiencing. Therefore, if you are here during the festival season, you must ensure that you do not miss out the opportunity to participate in these festivals. Chaitra Purnima is one of the primary festivals that are being celebrated herewith great zeal and pomp. Large numbers of visitors visit this temple throughout the year.

Ananta Temple:
This is one of the most well known temples in Goa, and it attracts thousands of tourists from different corners of the world for worship. The location of the temple is quite serene and peaceful due to which it offers invitation to large numbers of tourists as well as locals in general. The temple is dedicated to Lord Anant, and he is considered to be the serpent on which Lord Vishnu sits. Apart from this, there are many idols of different Gods and goddesses. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi rest side by side.

The interior of the temple is designed and decorated quite beautifully, irrespective of the fact that the structure of the temple is not quite huge. The minute details of the temple attract attention. The corners of the temple are carved beautifully and the intricacies offer a perfect example of architectural excellence. Therefore, if you ever get the opportunity to visit Goa, you must ensure that you visit this temple definitely. You will also love to take photographs of the backdrop, which in turn, will definitely enhance your experience to a tremendous extent because you will be pay homage to Lord Vishnu and his serpents.

Sri Chandreshwar Temple:
This temple is located in Paroda, and the location is considered to be the most beautiful in Goa. In fact, apart from worshipping, there are also large numbers of tourists that come here because of the picturesque beauty of the location of the temple. The temple exists right since the era of Christianity in Goa. Shri Chandreshwar is considered to be the Lord of the Moon, and there is a wonderfully built idol in the temple. The best part of this temple is that the idol is positioned in such a manner, so that it offers a wonderful scenic view of the lush green valley in the backdrop.

The architecture of the temple is also quite unique, and there is a chariot in the premises of the temple. This chariot is decorated beautifully with wood carvings. In addition to that, there is also a Shiva Linga that is made of carved rock. This idol shines brilliantly in the light of the moon. This indicates that it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Goa, and large numbers of tourists ensure that they do visit this temple when they are in Goa. Thus, you should also not be an exception.